Patio rejuvenation…

On the side of our house, off the kitchen, we have a small patio with really big rocks. Neither of us really loved it but figured it would suffice until we had a chance to add a deck on the back for entertaining. I decided I would try to spruce it up, but these rocks are so big and heavy; 3-4 inches thick and most are about 2 feet in length. We originally planned to lift all the rocks out, add more soil and netting to prevent weeds from between the rocks and then fill around them. The weight of the rocks made this nearly impossible for us to accomplish just the two of us. We had to do it a different way. 


  • Long handled dandelion puller or other skinny instrument
  • Garden hose
  • Potting soil 
  • Round-up or other weed killer
  • Paver sand 
  • Deck stain (optional)
  • Push broom

Total time: One weekend day 

1. Instead of waiting for help, I used a dandelion puller to start pulling out all the moss and weeds from between the rocks without moving them. 

The first picture shows the tool I used for the most part to loosen everything. Worked perfectly because it was skinny enough to shove under edges of the stones to straighten out as needed also. 

2. Once everything was loosened up, I used a push broom to get off the weeds and big debris. 

3. I put my dad to work using the hose on high pressure to clean off the excess dirt and between each crack so that the space between each rock was 1/2-1″ inch wide and 1-2 inches deep. 

4. We repeated this process twice, but took about a half break after using the house the first time to give everything a chance to dry, and just to make sure we got everything out. 

5. We fixed all the stones that had unevenly settled by throwing a handful or two of potting soil underneath. 

6. I used round-up in every space to ensure the weeds wouldn’t come back anytime soon. 

7. We picked up half a dozen bags of gray paver sand to fill and pack between the cracks. A bag goes .5 cubic feet. We had two steps to fix, the patio (approx 10×10 feet), and a stone path we plan to do as well with the excess. We poured it across the patio, and using the push broom, swept into the spaces, packing it down as we went. We misted it with the hose after we were done with the first couple bags to pack it in more. Once it dried, we added more sand. 

After 2 bags of sand.

Now we have a nice little outdoor haven! We’re slated for rain the next couple days, but we plan to stain the wood a gray to match. Once we’re done with that I’ll post some more pictures!


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