Thyme for change….

Let me start with this: I love gardens. Well, I love the idea of gardens. However,  I have a very black thumb. My freshman year of college, my mother sent me with a very hardy plant that she said was impossible to kill. I watered it regularly, made sure it got sun, but by the time she visited me a month later…. it was on the verge of death. I have gotten better with age; I am the mother to a beautiful 12 month old aloe plant that has survived our apartment and moving, and the sunburn from that one time I left it out in the sun for 3 days. 

My mother, on the other hand, is a wonderful gardener. My parents house is surrounded by beautiful gardens and she spends every weekend and afternoon out playing in the gardens. 

When we bought the house, my mother agreed to help me set up my gardens and rip out the shrubs and other plants. Last weekend, she helped thin out some overgrown areas and planted some grasses. 

I decided that I would tackle putting in my vegetable and herb garden all by myself. I love veggies from the garden and fresh herbs, and since we got the house, I’ve been looking forward to having my very own. I went to Adams for my gardening supplies (and got over excited and bought over 20 plants).

We have a little path up to front door and I planned to plant it alongside of both sides. Between winter and now, the plants went crazy that were already planted. 

Trying to dig these guys up and transplant them took over an hour! The green leafy one, was the width of a grown mans waist and so heavy! The root systems of both plants were not happy to be moved and held tight. I transplanted both to a different garden. I then spent the next hour or so hoeing the ground to turn over the soil, as well as add some fresh dirt to fill it back up. 

I used to black netting after since this will make weeding and taking care of the garden a lot easier. I held it in place with some bricks lying around the yard. My mom always uses stakes when she does this with her gardens so you don’t even see the netting or rocks holding it all down. 

The strip I did for this garden is about 3 feet wide and about 10-12 feet long. A nice little beginner size, but as I said, I got overexcited and bought so many plants I knew there wouldn’t be enough room. 

After all the netting was placed, I used a razor blade to cut little slits to plant all my little baby plants. 

I planted 4 Roma tomato plants, 2 sweet red pepper plants, 4 chili plants, and 4 jalapeño plants in this section. I then covered all my work with black mulch and watered everything really well.  

Please excuse my chunky finger over the lease but look how cute! I ended up squeezing my basil, lavender, and golden mint plants on the end. 

I found some containers to plant half of my other herbs in (cilantro and parsley), and then found a nice sunny spot for my other lavender and sage plants to run wild – apparently they spread like crazy! I also have a rosemary plant I stuck into another garden I didn’t mind if it took over. 

This garden is now my baby. I am super nervous but so excited to watch it grow this summer and see if my veggies will be edible by the end of the season! 

One garden down, everything else to go!


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